Seth Russell & Wendy Martin

The Short Sale Team

When considering a short sale, we urge you to contact us, as there are several factors that could potentially prevent a successful short sale.  We have worked with most of the major banks and we know very well the procedures that most lenders require for short sale approval.  Our proven track record of successful short sales is based on years of experience working on the most challenging scenarios.

What is a Short Sale, and is this right for me?

Many people have misinformation about what a short sale can accomplish.  There are several issues involved in qualifying a short sale candidate based on financial, family, or health issues.  Our experience in short sales will help you determine if a short sale is a viable option for you.

Impact of performing a Short Sale……….your credit?

What are the implications of performaing a short sale versus a foreclosure?  This is the most common question people have, especially with declining sales prices on most homes in the Portland market.  Although we are not foreclosure/credit counselors, we can inform you that your credit and ability to fund a loan is greatly affected in foreclosure.  The guidelines regarding loan approval frequently change so we encourage you to speak with a certified credit counselor.  If you don't have this information, please contact us and we'll send you information on these local free agencies.  Use caution when considering using a fee-based credit counselor or loan modification company.  Be aware there are a lot of scam artists out there.